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We are proud to have collaborated with a diverse set of global clients. Our experience is diverse – from telecom to financial services and entertainment – giving us rich insights into international markets.


At Monster Writers, we take great pride and care in delivering high performance tangibles that exceed client expectations. Simply choose one or more services from our carefully tailored range and leave the rest to us.

Content Writing Services

Web Content

Pitch Perfect Writing for Websites

The better the quality of your content, the greater your chances of getting hits on your website — plain and simple. Whipping up a captivating concoction of blogs, articles, product descriptions and infographics, we help your website stand out from the crowd as well as convert those clicks to dollars.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

A Tweet a Day, Makes the Business Stay!

That’s the golden mantra. Using strategic buzz words combined with a tinge of humor, we help you gain traction on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other prominent social channels.

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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Ready to manage a truckload of users?

Monster Writer’s specializes in developing personalized SEO, SEM, PPC, affiliate marketing and email marketing campaigns that work in tandem with your content strategy. We especially know how to jazz things, enabling you and your brand to reach the often elusive millennial demographic.

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Creative Writing Services

Creative Writing

Step up and stir things up!

Creative writing is much more than flowery English; it’s about being original, inspiring and thought-provoking. Our writers call upon their inner bard to shell out matter for short stories, essays, poems — really anything that stirs up your artistic juices.

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Advertisement Copywriting Services

Advertisement Copy

Bringing Oomph Back to Ads

A spot-on copy helps connect to the right audience. From a short tagline to a lengthy catalog, and from billboards to television advertisements — we are experts at conjuring up the perfect copy. Once we are on the case, your marketing campaigns will never be the same.

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Technical Writing Services

Technical Documentation

Untangle the Technical Jargon

Nerdy jargon has you? Look no further! We whip out perfectly formatted instruction manuals, user guides, project plans, design documents, release notes and more on time without hassle. Easily assimilating volumes of information, we help you convey the required material in a concise and crisp manner.

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Academic Writing Services

Academic Writing

Ace your Scores!

A top notch paper necessitates comprehensive investigation of the topic at hand. Keeping this in mind, we bring you a handpicked team of course specialists to complete your dissertations, thesis, reports and assignments on time and above your expectations, regardless of how obscure or random the topic may be.

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White Paper Writing

White Papers

Informed Insights for Organizations

Be it a product, service, technology or methodology, our White Papers or “grey literature” can help businesses and government institutions gain a deeper understanding of the underlying trends and patterns. B2B organizations will find our backgrounders, numbered lists and problems/solutions particularly insightful.

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Financial Writing Services

Financial Writing

Tame the Bulls and Bears!

Whether you’re a veteran investor or new to the money game, our financial writing experts can help you get acquainted with the world of investing as well as gain meaningful insights into bullish and bearish trends. It won’t be long before you’ll be navigating the unpredictable financial markets like a pro — take our word for it.

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Legal Writing Services

Legal Writing

Drafting Documents with an Eagle Eye

The legal transcription service at Monster Writers caters to every need of legal professionals whether you are an attorney or a paralegal. Being well-versed in legal jargon, our transcribers draft legal documents promptly while paying minute attention to details.

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Medical Writing Services

Medical Writing

Prescribing the Perfect Dosage

Combining decades of experience with an in-depth knowledge of the ever-evolving medical vernacular, our medical transcription services fulfill the many needs of busy healthcare professionals. Thanks to the right mix of skills and experience, our medical transcribers have drafted documents that have saved lives on more than one occasion.

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Editing Services

Proofreading & Editing

Typos and Errors, Beware!

Hesitant to submit that term paper? Hand over your reports, papers and articles to our Grammar Nazis who won’t miss out a single error, however minute. They’ll pick out every last one of those terrible typos and punctuation errors to give a flawless, well-finished copy.

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Why should I choose you anyway?

Glad you asked. And the answer is pretty straightforward – selfless dedication to exceeding expectations! Unlike our rivals, we here at Monster Writers work to guideline and benchmarks that deliver high quality content every single time on time.

  • We present your project before our panel of experts, who identify the problems and develop robust solutions.
  • We offer a clear goal-based timeline with defined deliverables and precise solutions.
  • Our unique alliance of professionals ensures your project is well looked after and meets your every demand.
  • Our specialists guarantee cohesive, fully thought-out solutions that bring together diverse points of view, thus leading to a noteworthy final product.
  • You can always count on us.
Copywriting Services

What you can expect from us

To forge remarkable sentences that convey your thoughts effectively to the target audience and construct marketing strategies that set your business apart, it is crucial that we stay true to ourselves and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your projects as much as you do. Our #1 priority is you. It is why we ensure that the following services are provided across the board to all our clients regardless of the nature, scale and size of your project.


Dedicated Support

Chat and e-mail support available round the clock.

Fast Turn Around Time

Projects delivered in shortest possible time.


Free Revisions

Project revisions carried out according to client requirements.

Guaranteed Quality

High performance delivered each time, every time.