If you believe in the power of the written word and aren’t afraid to speak your mind then we believe we have plenty to offer you. At Monster Writers we’re constantly looking for the best and brightest word carvers that can help us expand our outreach and build upon our goals.

We’re currently hiring for the following positions:

Technical Writers

If you’re passionate about explaining how technology works through diagrams and detailed instructions then this is the job for you. E-mail your resume at along with a sample of your work and we’ll get it in touch if you make the cut.

Content Writers

Content Writers drive the web. Plain and simple. If you’re the creative type who likes to write about anything from gardening to technology then look no further. Email us your resume along with a sample of your work at and we’ll find you a fit.

Academic Writers

If nothing makes you happier than a big red A+ on a homework assignment then we might have some work for you. As an academic writer you’ll research college level assignments, white papers and a lot more. Simply e-mail us your resume at and we’ll contact you if you make the short list.

Monster Writers offers the most competitive pay along with the option of working from the comfort of your own home. We are an equal opportunity employer.